Protect your turf from the stresses of disease, mowing and pest invasion while improving its appearance and root growth. Biostimulants from Plant Food Company make it easy and affordable.


An organic blend of humic and amino acids, North Atlantic kelp extract, natural sugars, vitamins and other organic compounds. The organic nutrients in AdamsEarth® improve soil structure, rooting and the uptake of N-P-K and minor elements.

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A Non-Burning liquid blend of Yucca Plant Extracts and Chitosan. Chitosan is known to have eliciting activities leading to a variety of defense mechanism in host plants in response to abiotic stress, microbial infection and parasitic nematodes, including the accumulation of phytoalexins, pathogens related (PR) proteins and proteinase inhibitors, lignin synthesis and callose information.

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Blackstrap Molasses

Of all the molasses varieties, Blackstrap is richest in sugars, carbon, enzymes, B-vitamins and trace elements. With continued applications, Blackstrap Molasses fosters a soil environment that helps reduce thatch.

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Synergy Carbon pHiber Organic Acid

Combines the unique properties of lignin and organic acids to dissolve bicarbonates and lower pH. This blend of 27.5% carbon plus amino acid matrix and carbohydrates also frees soil-bonded calcium and magnesium while increasing the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio.

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Impulse Green-T®

Found in #60 Plant Food Program, Impulse Green-T® is a University tested amino acid mix and sucrose combination derived from natural stress resistant plant complexes. Flip the switch on your turf and turn on its natural defense mechanism.

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