Ensure your turf grass has all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. Secondary nutrient fertilizers from Plant Food Company help balance the levels of calcium, magnesium and sulfur in the soil.

Sugar Cal, Green-T® 10% Calcium Chelate

Unique sugar calcium acetate that increases absorption and translocation within plant tissue to improve plant turgidity and vigor. Use this product to add calcium and prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies.

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Calcium Nitrate 9-0-0, Green-T® 11% Calcium

Contains nutrients required for healthy, vigorous growth. Calcium aids in cell wall formation, stimulates roots and leaf formations and neutralizes organic acids.

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Calcium Thiosulfate, 6% Calcium, 10% Sulfur

A neutral to basic, chlorine free, clear solution containing six percent calcium and 10 percent thiosulfate sulfur. Can be used as "liquid gypsum" in treating calcium and sulfur soil deficiencies.

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Magnesium 4%, Green-T®

A chelated secondary element for the prevention and correction of nutrient deficiencies. Magnesium plays a crucial roll in photosynthesis and is required for nitrogen metabolism, amino acids and sugar formation.

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Magnesium Nitrate, 7-0-0, 6.3% Mg

Derived from magnesium oxide and nitric acid.

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Ammonium Thiosulfate 12-0-0, 26% Sulfur

An excellent source of Ammoniacal nitrogen that is quickly absorbed by the plant. This results in greener turf, even at low soil temperatures. Use when a liquid type of Ammoniacal nitrogen source and sulfur is required.

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