About Us

Why Choose Plant Food Company

Plant Food Company, Inc. is a family-owned business passionate about helping our customers grow and succeed. We are a dedicated team of industry professionals and a premium liquid fertilizer manufacturer. Blended together in a perfectly synergistic relationship, our products and services will yield a personal and professional experience unlike any other business relationship you have ventured into. Whichever plant growing industry your passion has lead you into, rest assured, you can depend on us to provide you with the quality tools and exceptional service necessary for you to grow and succeed.

Our founder, Edward Platz, was a brilliant entrepreneur full of vision and heart who had a great passion for innovation. Establishing roots within the plant nutrition industry in 1946, Edward Platz lead our family business to the development of the first liquid fertilizer manufacturing company in the state of New Jersey.

Plant Food Company’s liquid fertilizers are created for you and, in most cases, inspired by you. The process we use to develop, formulate and manufacture our complex and exclusive solutions begins with listening to our customers, individually, and to our industry as a whole. The information we learn from these conversations provides us with the relevant direction required to produce our premium products.  At Plant Food Company we are blessed to have a loyal family of customers and a remarkable team of industry professionals that are truly inspired by our customers’ needs.

Visit our history page for the full story behind the legacy of Plant Food Company, Inc. 



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