Bulletin 46

Proven Program Spraying

Hydraulic Leak Recovery

Hydraulic leaks happen and, depending on the severity of the leak, can be devastating for greens. When a roller at Ellington Ridge Country Club leaked on three of their greens it was so bad that a costly resodding seemed likely. Being an innovative company we want to help move our industry forward, and one way we do that is through applied research. We collaborate with our customers to directly address the problems they encounter. By employing scientific methodologies and real-world experimentation, we develop innovative technologies that replace outdated ones. Knowing this, superintendent, Joe Trenholm, was quick to call our VP of Research and Development, Jason Dowgiewicz, and they set up a research plot to find the right solution. Program results are based on this research at Ellington Ridge.

When applying this program it is important to follow the exact mixing order on our tech sheet that you can download HERE.

A hydraulic leak kills the canopy of the turf because of the high temperature of the oil, and this happens on contact. But the other issue is that the toxicity from the hydraulic oil contaminants kills your soil. So, a timely recovery depends upon detoxing the soil, re-establishing the balanced soil chemistry that has been lost, and stimulating plant growth. 

Charcoal is an understandable go-to for detoxing the soil. A 33% solution of charcoal is the traditional post-hydraulic leak application, but it’s messy and it’s a one-dimensional solution. It is also prone to clog and smells like rotten eggs and is an eyesore when applied.

(photo: Traditional Charcoal Application)

Each product in our hydraulic leak recovery proven program plays a key role in establishing balanced soil chemistry and plant available nutrients to bring the turf back as a healthy and optimal playing surface.

GreenBlade™ masks the damage while healing takes place.

Our Sili-K will help detox the soil similar to what Charcoal does (Silica, an active ingredient in Sili-K, Si is right next to Carbon (C) on the periodic table). Silica has the ability to adsorb or bind to heavy metal ions and other contaminates. This property can help reduce the bioavailability and mobility of these toxins in the soil, preventing their uptake by plants and reducing the risk of further contamination.

Impulse Green-T® is a biostimulant that stimulates soil biology for bioremediation of the hydrocarbon. This has a high concentration of organic carbon that provides energy to soil microorganisms. Additionally, Impulse incorporates Glycine Betaine, Salicylic acid, and Proline, all of which are proven stress reducers for turfgrass.

29-0-0 is a high nitrogen formula that plays a critical role in recovery by supplying nutritional health to promote turf resilience. It does this with quick-release ammonium nitrate, urea, and ammonium thiosulfate that provides rapid yet controlled turf response. Additionally, the non-leaching, slow-release triazone nitrogen ensures a consistent and long-lasting supply of nutrients to the soil that promotes new growth. It also has a complete micronutrient package including calcium chelate.

KelPlant® 1-0-1 re-establishes the root system and provides added stress tolerance while increasing microbial activity. This is a very active seaweed extract with humic acid that is excellent for promoting roots and shoots.

.30 Cal keeps the soil flocculated to allow oxygen in the profile and avoid it becoming sealed off.  

Hydration A-Plus® is our unique wetting agent that allows chemistry to take control of both plant and soil hydration while facilitating nutrient availability.  Hydration A-Plus helps you maintain proper soil moisture which is crucial for recovery.  Hydration A-Plus with MAT acid technology solubilizes tied up soil nutrients, especially soil calcium.  Soluble calcium improves soil structure and porosity by binding soil particles together and creating channels for water and air to move through. This allows the roots of plants to access the nutrients and moisture they need for healthy growth. 

Once Jason knew the right solution, it was applied for 8.5 weeks at Ellington Ridge, however, in just over a month there was no trace of the leak on any surface this program was applied to.


Spray this program, as soon as possible, on the entire playing surface of a green, if the leak is in a fairway, simply spray the whole line where the leak exists. After the GreenBlade has dried, water in for 3-6 minutes, then again for 9-12 min that night. Reapply every 7-10 days until full recovery.