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12' Tiger-Flex | Banjo -Hose Assembly

Hose Assembly.png

This Hose assembly is the perfect tote or tank attachment to help transfer product safely and quickly. This attachment is made of 12' long, 1" diameter, high quality tiger-flex hose and durable corrosion resistant banjo fittings. Each hose assembly is hand built and inspected at Plant Food Company. 

Each Hose assembly is built using:

 - 12 feet of crush resistant UV protected, Tiger-Flex Hose.

 - Durable, corrosion resistant Banjo 2" quick connect coupler

   Connects to any Plant Food Company Tote or tank using a 2" fitting. 

 - Durable, Corrosion resistant Banjo Ball Valve and nozzle


* Require a different length of hose? Not a problem, let your sales representative know and we can make the Hose Assembly to fit your needs.