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Golf & Professional Turfgrass | Biostimulants?

A Plant Food Company Biostimulant is an effective, organic-based product that, in minute quantities, will heighten Plant Health, improve root & shoot growth and amplify stress tolerance, beyond the capabilities of standard essential nutrients alone. Our Biostimulants are specifically developed to influence the plant as a standalone product as well as performing synergistically when tank mixed with our other premium liquid solutions.

Each Plant Food Company Biostimulant targets a specific area of growth, stress resistance and activation of the plant’s natural defenses.  Although our Biostimulants have a unique advantage, our overall goal is to help you gain sustainable plant health, using fewer chemicals.

Remember: Biostimulants are not a cure product. However, properly introducing a Plant Food Company Biostimulant to your growing environment will greatly increase the plant’s ability to survive and thrive during unfavorable conditions.



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