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DKP XTRA™ 2-20-22

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DKP XTRA™ 2-20-22 from Plant Food Company is a uniquely balanced polymeric combination of potassium polyphosphate and polyphosphite. It contains nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and polyphosphite.

DKP XTRA™ 2-20-22 is a systemic liquid fertilizer that enhances roots while turning on the plant's natural defense mechanism. Ideal for nutrient applications that require a balanced ratio of phosphate and potassium.

DKP XTRA™ 2-20-22 is ideal for foliar and soil applications on a wide variety of warm and cool season turf varieties and can also be used as a starter fertilizer. Since DKP XTRA™ 2-20-22 has excellent plant uptake, it is an ideal alternative to mono-potassium phosphate and potassium nitrate with the added benefit of potassium polyphosphite that turns on the plant's natural defense mechanism.




Available Container Sizes:
2 x 2.5  gal    (2 x 9.46 L) Case
       30 gal    (113.56 L) Drum
       55 gal    (208.20 L) Drum
     275 gal    (1040.99 L) Tote