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The Water Treatment options available through Plant Food Company will greatly improve your turfgrass conditions. All too often water quality is overlooked.  The truth is, however, water quality is the key to the plant’s plants ability to utilize all available nutrients.

These simple and cost-effective Water Treatment products from Plant Food Company will increase natural nutrient availability by quickly neutralizing bicarbonates, thus improving soil structure and playability.

Use Phirst® Urea Sulfuric Acid to treat your irrigation water through an acid injection system for a “wall- to- wall” property improvement.

Use ALPHA® in every spray tank solution to increase the effectiveness of that spray tank’s contents.  ALPHA® is also highly recommended as a tank PH buffer and should always be paired with OMEGA™ Organic Bio-Polymer.

Use pHusion Organic Acid (pHusion OA) to treat irrigation or spray tank water solution to help destroy bicarbonates while increasing beneficial microbial activity.  

Note: pHusion Organic Acid is impregnated over all of our “pHusion” granular products. pHusion Lime, pHusion Gypsum, pHusion KMS, pHusion KCS and more. The pHusion Organic Acid dramatically increases the speed of which these products become active in the soil and available to the plant.  Find some of these pHusion products under Soil Amendments.