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ALPHA MAT® Long-Lasting Mineral Acid Technology with Penetrating Surfactant & Salicylic Acid

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ALPHA MAT® Long‐Lasting Mineral Acid Technology with Penetrating Surfactant & Salicylic Acid dissolves soil bicarbonates and frees calcium. Available soil calcium will then displace soil sodium.

ALPHA MAT® contains Salicylic Acid (SA) which enables the turf tissue to retain more water and enhances the plant’s immune system to react faster to stress recovery. The results are an improvement in the plant’s ability to recover from heat and drought stress.

ALPHA MAT® is a turf management tool that is used to adjust spray tank pH levels to enhance fertilizer and plant health performance while improving tank water quality by neutralizing the bicarbonates,
thus improving the soil structure and turf quality.

ALPHA MAT® is a great combination product that can be used with OMEGA Organic Biopolymer.

Direction For Use: 

Directions for Use:
Soil Applications – Tees, Greens, Fairways, Sports Turf: Apply 0.375 ‐ 0.745 oz. of ALPHA MAT® with 1.5 ‐2 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft. (16 ‐32 oz./Acre of ALPHA MAT with 66 ‐88 gallons of water per Acre) Apply whenever bicarbonate levels are high.

Using ALPHA MAT® as spray tank buffer for OMEGA™
For spray tanks with a pH over 5.9, add 3‐5 oz. (89 – 148 ml) of ALPHA MAT® per 100 gal (378L) of
water or until desired pH of 5.5 is acquired. Continuously check tank pH after every 3‐5 oz (89 –
148 ml) of ALPHA MAT® added.