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Hydraulic Leak Recovery

This Hydraulic Leak Recovery Program is a unique nutritional spray that expedites the recovery of severely damaged turfgrass when applied within the first 24 hours of initial damage. 

The synergistic combination of these products helps with the breaking down of the soil contaminants into smaller impurities, enhancing its natural dispersion and promoting biodegradation of the oil.

The program is based on results following applied research for a leak at Ellington Ridge. Field Trial was applied for 8.5 weeks.

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GreenBlade (.25oz) is a beneficial UV resistant turfgrass pigment, surfactant and resin which masks damage while recovery takes place.

29-0-0, 50% SRN (3oz) = controlled growth. It contains 4 different Nitrogen sources for sustained recovery and canopy density.

Sili-K (4oz) has 21% Silica, which can reduce the bioavailability and mobility of toxic metals in soil, preventing their uptake by plants.

.30 Cal (4oz) supports plant growth and the neutralization of acidic compounds. It also helps maintain soil flocculation, enabling oxygen infiltration and preventing soil surface sealing.

Micro Pack (4oz) is formulated with a comprehensive micronutrient package that incorporates powerful chelation and sequestering agents.

KelPlant® 1-0-1 (4oz) re-establishes the root system and increases shoot density.

Green -T Impulse® (4oz) contains a significant proportion of organic carbon, which serves to stimulate soil microorganisms and enzymes, accelerating the biodegradation of oil into non-toxic compounds.

Hydration A-Plus® (.75oz) is our unique wetting agent that promotes both plant and soil hydration while facilitating nutrient availability.

APPLICATION: Spray this program, as soon as possible, on the entire playing surface of a green, if the leak is in a fairway, simply spray the whole line where the leak exists. After the GreenBlade has dried, water in for 3-6 minutes, then again for 9-12 min that night. Reapply every 7-10 days until full recovery.

You can learn more about our field trial HERE.