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Featured Proven Program | Muscle Spray

The Muscle Spray program promotes environmental stress tolerance in turfgrass by taking a nutritional approach to achieve optimum plant health. Following the proper mixing order is critical to the success of this tank mix. Starting with the spray tank 3/4’s full of water, begin adding the following Plant Food products one at a time.

GreenBlade® (0.25oz) is a beneficial UV-resistant turfgrass pigment.

29-0-0, 50% SRN (3oz)  Contains 4 different Nitrogen sources for sustained recovery and canopy density.

Sili-K (3oz) has 21% Silica. Formulated to stimulate and promote plant growth, enhance soil enrichment, and stiffen leaf blades.

.30 Cal (3oz)  Calcium is essential for cell wall formation; stimulating roots and leaf formations.

Micro Pack (3oz) This family of chelation offers some of the longest-lasting protection of any chelation agent. This is ideal for maintaining the nutrient availability of positively charged micronutrients that are delivered to the crown of the plant and in the soil.

KelPlant® 1-0-1 (3oz) re-establishes the root system and increases shoot density.

Green -T Impulse® (3oz)  Increases potassium and calcium levels within plant cell walls and improves stress tolerance.

Hydration A-Plus® (0.75oz) Balances plant and soil hydration for optimal conditions and facilitates nutrient availability.

Application: Please follow the mixing order and water in at night for 3-6 min.


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