Golf & Professional Turf

Trenton Thunder Baseball!

The Thunder Turf Program is used at Arm & Hammer Park, home of the Trenton Thunder double-A Baseball team affiliated with the New York Yankees.  


Plant Food Company Products are proudly applied on a number of professional sports fields around America. Plant Food Company products can be built into a holistic product program to improve the turf's health, appearance and ability to survive heavy stress conditions. 


Thunder Turf Program:

This specific program was put together to satisfy the ball field's specific soil nutrient requirements and the customer's expectations of turf quality.  


16-2-7, 25%SRN & Micronutrients  9.00 oz/ 1000
3-18-20 DKP Extra, Polyphosphate/ phosphite  6.00 oz/ 1000
AdamsEarth® Biostimulant  3.00 oz/ 1000
Potassium+ 0-0-25, 17%Sulfur  3.00 oz/ 1000


Rotation Spray:

16-2-7, 25%SRN & Micronutrients                    6.00 oz /1000
Sugar-Cal, Calcium Chelate  6.00 oz/ 1000
Green-T 12-IRON, 12-0-0
3.00 oz/ 1000


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