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2022 Rutgers University Dollar Spot Trials

Dollar Spot (Clarireedia Jacksonii) is a foliar disease that commonly impacts highly maintained turfgrass areas such as golf courses, athletic fields, and home lawns. This disease is caused by the fungus Clarireedia Jacksonnii and typically requires continuous fungicide applications for control.

Plant Food Company’s goal is to improve the conditions of the growing environment and increase the plant’s health through proper nutrition and natural stress reducers. As a result, the healthy plant and improved growing environment make for a more resilient turfgrass plant which allows for fewer chemical inputs being required to control the disease.

The two Plant Food Company nutritional programs performed exceptionally well in the 2022 Dollar Spot trials at Rutgers University. Treatment #57 has zero fungicides and yielded phenomenal plant health results keeping dollar spot at bay. Take a look at the information below on the 2022 research and connect with a local Plant Food Company rep for additional information on these exclusive programs.