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Avoid Tank Mix Disasters By Following These Guidelines

WALES is a helpful acronym to assist with remembering the proper mixing order of spray tank chemistry. 

Avoid a mixing tank disaster with W-A-L-E-S.

W  -   Wettable Powders (WP, WDG, DF, WSP) 
 A  -   Agitate tank 
 L  -   Liquid products 
 E  -   Emmulsifiable Concentrates 
 S  –  Surfactants 

Tank Mixing Tips:

  • Fill the tank 3/4 full of water prior to adding any products.
  • Maintain Active agitation throughout mixing process.
  • Add each product one at a time, allowing the product to mix into complete solution.
  • Do not add two separate liquid products at the same time for risk of crossing streams (cross contamination).
  • If adding product through a screen, rinse the screen well in-between each product being added.
  • Wettable powders and dry flowable products need to be dissolved before adding other products.  

The Order of Addition Guide seen below has been created for Plant Food Company Products. This guide and may not be applicable in all mixing situations due to unknown variables. When tank mixing compatibility is a questionable, ALWAYS conduct a small scale jar test first.  

Order of addition guide added 10/2022