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pHusion SEA-E-C

pHusion Sea E C

At the center of optimum plant health lies a crucial factor often overlooked: soil chemistry. The Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is the key to unlocking your turf's potential. CEC is the soil's ability to retain and exchange positively charged ions (cations) such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Hydrogen. This capacity is vital as it influences nutrient availability to plants, water retention, and overall soil health. With this in mind, we created pHusion SEA-E-C.

Turfgrass Disease Solutions, an Independent Field Research firm, shows pHusion SEA-E-C's capacity to increase soil chemistry and organic content of sandy soils. The results speak for themselves. One key piece of data is the amount of Potasium holding capacity with only a 5% dilution of pHusion SEA-E-C.

This research shows that SEA-E-C is a key product for influencing the soil chemistry needed to build optimum plant health from the soil up.


Positively Influencing Soil Chemistry

► Sustainable Maintenance: pHusion SEA-E-C has the potential to increase your flush intervals without losing necessary nutrients for optimum plant health.

► Nutrient Retention: SEA-E-C acts as a magnet, attracting nutrients that are applied and already exist within the soil. It also acts as a reservoir to hold these nutrients within the soil matrix.

► Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: By increasing nutrient holding capacity in the soil, we can maximize nutrient uptake by the plant.

► Improved Stress Resistance: Balanced soil chemistry, facilitated by pHusion SEA-E-C, provides resilience against wear stress, drought, and disease pressure.


A Closer Look

pHusion SEA-E-C is a homogeneous material of Zeolite and Leonardite that increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soils to improve the nutrient exchange and retention within the soil. The increased CEC can also reduce nutrient lock-up and help reduce harmful leaching into the environment. What is Zeolite? Zeolites are Hydrated Alumino-Silicate minerals that contain Silicon and Oxygen. They are formed through a natural chemical reaction of volcanic lava and saline seawater, hence the name SEA-E-C.

► Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

► Improves Water retention and absorption capabilities

► Accelerates root development & reduces plant stress What is Leonardite? Leonardite is an oxidated form of lignite carp, formed over millions of years. Humic Acid from leonardite has large quantities of organic carbon that is beneficial for microbial activity and holds up to 8 times it’s weight of water.

► Increases beneficial microorganism activity in the soil

► Improves organic content of sandy soils

► Naturally ensures better soil aeration while increasing CEC

► Promotes lateral root mass


General Application 

Apply pHusion SEA-E-C at 10 - 40 lbs./ 1,000 Sq. Ft.

pHusion SEA-E-C is best mixed with sand at a 95/5 ratio (95% Sand and 5% pHusion Sea-E-C). However, it can be mixed with all soil types where soil quality needs to be improved.

Top dressing, mix pHusion SEA-E-C with top dressing sand at a minimum of 10% and apply top dressing as usual both after aeration and for normal top dressing. Divot Mix, mix pHusion SEA-E-C with divot mix material at a minimum of 10%.


“Throughout my career and numerous grow-ins I’ve never seen TifEagle roots persist with this much depth and density. Even with our poor irrigation water quality, pHusion Sea-E-C has helped us create optimal conditions and incredible results.”

Andy Neiswender (Belleair Country Club)