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Plant Food Company will incorporate micronutrient packages and other beneficial supplements into our bulk liquid fertilizers for added plant health support.

When specific nutrients are not available to the plant, discoloration, thinning or wilting will take place. These symptoms of nutrient deficiencies are warning signs of a more serious problem taking place within the plant. When you have inadequate levels of available micronutrients, the plant struggles with chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis and many other essential plant life-cycle functions, causing the plant to be more susceptible to disease pressure and stress injury.  

Boron (B) aids in the production of sugars and carbohydrates, while supporting cell division.  Boron is an essential nutrient for seed and fruit development.

Copper (Cu) strengthens cell walls and is crucial to reproductive growth.  Copper aids in root metabolism, while helping to utilize proteins. 

Chloride (Cl) aids plant metabolism.

Iron (Fe) aids in protein synthesis, photosynthesis and is required for chlorophyll synthesis. 

Manganese (Mn) functions with enzyme systems involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates and nitrogen metabolism.  

Molybdenum (Mo) aids in the plant’s ability to efficiently utilize nitrogen.

Zinc (Zn) is essential to the transformation of carbohydrates.  Zinc controls the consumption of sugars, while regulating plant growth.



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