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Wetting Agents from Plant Food Company are described as a Water Holding Agent, a Soil Penetrant, or a combination of the two.  Each product is unique and greatly beneficial withits own specific purpose.   However, they are all generally used to reduce standing water, improve saturated soil and allow water to flow evenly through the soil profile without producing destructive water channels. 

“PLUS” in the name of our wetting agents lets you know that there is Salicylic Acid (SA) in the product. Most of our Wetting Agents are formulated with Salicylic Acid (SA).  SA is responsible for opening the phloem and xylem of the plant (essentially, the plant’s vascular system) allowing for quick and clean uptake of NPK and other available nutrients. 

Plant Food Company uses Salicylic Acid (SA) in many other product formulations to ensure the plant receives the best opportunity to grow and survive.  One of our most popular Biostimulants, Green-T impulse®, contains Salicylic Acid (SA).


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  • Wetting Agents from Plant Food Company lower surface tension of foliar applied liquid solutions which provides full leaf surface coverage allowing nutrients to be absorbed through more leaf stomata. 

Plant Food Company’s Wetting Agents are exclusively manufactured by JADA Corp. and are only available through us and our direct distributors.



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