Specialty Agriculture

Elevate The Health & Quality Of Your Nursery This Year!

Plant Food Company is a leader in fertigation of nursery stock. Fertigation allows optimum control of nutrient application rates through ppm or the electro conductivity (E.C.) method. Nutrient ratios and timing of nutrient applications are easily adjusted. All essential nutrients, including micronutrients, can be applied through irrigation water.

Recommended liquid fertilizers for nursery include:

  • 8-1-2   Ammonium Nitrate 
  • 10-0-6 w/ Micronutrients
  • 10-4-6 Ammonium Nitrate
  • 12-0-6 Ammonium Nitrate
  • 12-6-6 50% SRN (Slow Released Nitrogen)

We also custom formulate N-P-K liquid fertilizers for fertigation through drip irrigation systems.