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10-10-10 blu-gro® with Secondary & Minor elements

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General Purpose Liquid Fertilizer


Tank Mixing: Add 1 1/2 quarts of Blu-Gro® 10-10-10 Low Chlorine liquid fertilizer to 100 gallons of water and apply as a normal watering or at the rate of 1 quart of solution for every square foot of planted surface area. Foliar Applications of Blu-Gro® 10-10-10 can be used as a foliar applied nutrient source. Mix 1 gallon Blu-Gro® 10-10-10 in 100 gallons of water and spray to run off.

20-20-20 soluble    

10-10-10 blu-gro®

2.0 lbs.    =   1.5 qts.
2.5 lbs.  = 2 qts.
5.0 lbs. = 4 qts.


HOZON 1:15 Ratio Proportioner: Add 6 1⁄2 fluid ounces of Blu-Gro®10-10-10 Low Chlorine liquid fertilizer for each gallon of water as the proper concentrate for a normal dosage. For use of Blu-Gro®10-10-10 Low Chlorine liquid fertilizer in a 1:100 RATIO Proportioner, we recommend the addition of 11⁄2 quarts of our liquid fertilizer per gallon of water as the concentrate. Using the HOZON and Proportioner, the Blu-Gro® 10-10-10 would be applied as a normal watering.

Pots, flats, container material and foliage plants: For this type of material use a normal dosage on a 7-14 day schedule, or as plants indicate the need. Apply as a normal watering.

Transplanting vegetable and flower plants:
Use 11⁄2 pints of Blu-Gro®10-10-10 Low Chlorine liquid fertilizer in 50 gallons of water, and water in thoroughly. This rate is also very effective on roses and ornamental shrubs.


Trickle Fertigation:

Peppers, Eggplants and Squash: Apply 2 to 10 gallons of Blu-Gro®10-10-10 per mulched acre, (a mulched acre is the sur- face area of soil covered by the mulch totaling 43,560 sq. ft.) weekly through the trickle system until first fruit set. After first fruit set, apply 4 to 20 gallons of Blu-Gro®10-10-10 per mulched acre once a week through the trickle system while crop is in production. During fall harvest, the fertigation rate may have to be increased to 30 gallons Blu-Gro®10-10-10 per mulched acre per week. Use the lower rates on soils with good nutrient holding capacities and use the higher rates on sandy soils.

Tomatoes: Within one week of transplanting, begin injecting up to 12 gallons Blu-Gro®10-10-10 per mulched acre per week until the first fruit set. Increase fertigation rate to up to 20 gallons Blu-Gro®10-10-10 after first fruit set. Use lower rates on soils with good nutrient holding capacities and use the higher rates on sandy soils.

Cucumbers, Pickles: Using Blu-Gro® 10-10-10, begin fertigating 15 gallons per mulched acre every week starting within one week of transplanting or seedling emergence. Continue this rate of fertilizer injection until fruit set. When fruit is set, and you are beginning to harvest the field, start injecting 5 gallons per fertilized mulched acre every time you wa- ter-up to a frequency of every other day. Continue feeding at this rate as long as you are harvesting the field.


Tree & Ornamental Root & Ground Applications:

Inject no lower than 8” to 10”beneath the soil where feeder roots extend. Start application of fertilizer approximately 2.5 feet from tree trunk and extend two feet beyond drip line. A grid pattern should be laid out, and spacing should be every 2.5 feet. Inject approximately 1⁄2 gallon of fertilizer solution at each point. Use with correctly calibrated fertilizer injector equipment. A minimum of 5 gallons of tank mix should be applied per inch of tree diameter.

Tank Mixing:

Prior to any fertilizer of pesticide application, all spray mixing and application equipment must be cleaned. A quality tank cleaner is recommended. Carefully observe all cleaning directions on the pesticide and fertilizer label. Fill the spray or mix tank at least 3⁄4 full of water and begin agitation. Add pesticides and/or fertilizers as directed by labeling or in the following sequence:
1) Dry flowables or water dispersible granules, 2) Wettable powders, 3) Flowables, 4) Emulsifiable concentrates, 5) Water based solutions, 6) Compatibility agents, 7) Micronutrients and fertilizer, 8) Spray adjuvant


Keep away from children and domestic animals. Avoid contact with eyes, open cuts, or sores. Harmful if swallowed. External: Flood with water. Internal: Induce vomiting. Contact a physician immediately.

Storage and Handling

Store in a cool dry place, keep container tightly closed, do no add water or other material to the container. Do not con- taminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal. Do not store near acids or other acidic material.

Store Above 40°F. Do not allow to freeze.