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8-16-8, 2% Sulfur Starter/Transplant Solution

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The 8-16-8 Starter/Transplant Solution is a
liquid fertilizer formulated to supply needed nourishment to the plant during establishment and to help reduce losses due to wilting and from transplant shock, especially when plants are set under less than desirable conditions. 8-16-8 Starter/Transplant Solution is a high phosphate liquid fertilizer containing both orthophosphates and polyphosphates and may be combined with many insecticides and fungicides commonly used in transplant solutions. 

Directions for Use:

Flower and Vegetable Beds: Mix 1 quart of 8-16-8 Starter/Transplant Solution in 50 gallons of water. Use as a watering solution, applying at the rate of 4 oz. of diluted solution per sq. ft. Repeat application every 4 - 6 weeks during the growing season.

Bedding Plants (in flats): Mix 1 quart of 8-16-8 Starter/Transplant Solution in 50 gallons of water. Use 1/2 - 1 pint per flat of this diluted starter/transplant solution during watering every 2 - 3 weeks.The first application should be made while the soil is being prepared at the 1 pint per flat rate. Subsequent applications should not be made until the plants have fully developed their first true leaves.

Trees and Shrubs: Mix 2 quarts of 8-16-8 Starter/Transplant Solution in 100 gallons of water.Apply 1 quart - 1 gallon diluted solution per tree or shrub, depending on the size, using the lowerrate for small trees and shrubs and the higher rate for large trees and shrubs. Apply to the soil at the base of each tree or shrub.

Transplanting bedding plants of tomatoes, cole crops, peppers, other vegetables and
annual and perennial flowers:
Add 1-2 quarts of 8-16-8 Starter/Transplant Solution to 50 gallons of water and use as a starter/transplant solution. Apply at the rate of 4 ounces of diluted solution per plant.

Example: 50 gallons of diluted starter/transplant solution.
Rate: 4 ounces per plant.
Equals: Approximately 6,400 plants per 50 gallons of diluted starter/transplant solution

Pounds of Nutrients per Liquid Ounce

Oz. Nitrogen Phosphate Potassium
4 0.03 0.05 0.03
8 0.05 0.11 0.05
12 0.08 0.16 0.08
16 0.11 0.22 0.11
64 0.43 0.86 0.43
128 0.86 1.73 0.86


Tank Mixing Information:

Prior to any fertilizer or pesticide application, all spray mixing and application equipment must be cleaned. A quality tank cleaner is recommended. Carefully observe all cleaning directions on the pesticide and fertilizer label. Fill the spray or mix tank at least 3/4 full of water and begin agitation. Add pesticides and/or fertilizers as directed by labeling or in the following sequence:

1) Dry flowables or water dispersible granules, 2) Wettable powders, 3) Flowables, 4) Emulsifiable concentrates, 5) Water based solutions, 6) Compatibility agents,
7) Micronutrients and Fertilizers, 8) Spray adjuvants

Before mixing multiple chemicals and/or fertilizers in the tank, confirm product compatibility by performing a jar test. Be sure to mix with plenty of water.


Keep away from children and domestic animals. Avoid contact with eyes, open cuts, or sores. Harmful if swallowed. External: Flood with water. Internal: Induce vomiting. Contact a physician

Storage and Handling:

Store in a cool dry place, keep container tightly closed, do not add water or other material to the container. Do not con- taminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal. Do not store near acids or other acidic material.

Store above 32° F. Do not allow to freeze.