Specialty Agriculture

Local Services To Help You Grow!

Plant Food Company offers valuable services to our family of agricultural customers.  


Whether you order a small containerized product or 5,000 gallons of bulk fertilizer, we can handle your needs. Utilizing our large fleet of custom delivery vehicles, our delivery service representatives will ensure you receive your order on-time every time. 

Soil, Tissue & Water Analysis*: 

Plant Food Company partners with a very reputable laboratory that supplies comprehensive and accurate soil analysis information. A Plant Food Company representative will review your analysis information with you to determine what the best solutions would be for your specific soil conditions. Contact us today to learn more about soil, tissue and water analysis services. 


The Liquid Fertilizer Experts at Plant Food Company are experienced professionals that will quickly and accurately complete custom fertilizer and liquid lime application services for you. These services are available throughout New Jersey and bordering areas, such as Eastern Pennsylvania and Long Island, New York.  To ensure the best possible application service experience we require the application location consist a minimum of five acres open field. 

*The Services listed above are available in the following local states: New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.