Specialty Agriculture

Agriculture | Professional Application Services

The Liquid Fertilizer Experts at Plant Food Company are experienced in the application of a variety of materials throughout New Jersey and bordering areas, such as Eastern Pennsylvania and Long Island, New York. 10 acre minimum for liquid fertilizer or pesticide applications.

  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Liquid Lime
  • Pulverized Lime 
  • Pelletized High-Cal Lime and Gypsum 

Want to learn more about how fast-acting liquid lime can change the way you grow? Visit our products list and click the Soil Amendments tab now. 

Horse Pasture Applications of Liquid Fertilizer & Lime 

Our home state of New Jersey has more horses per square mile than any other state. If you desire your pasture grass to reach its full health and aesthetic potential, consider us as your first choice in application and plant health services. 

  • Caring & professional service team 
  • Safe & accurate application equipment 
  • Happy Horses & Happy Clients Guaranteed!