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Agriculture | Benefits of Soil & Tissue Testing

Soil Testing

Testing your soil before planting your crops is one of the most important things you can do to assure a good crop and profit. Plant Food Company can have your soil analyzed to make sure the soil pH is in the proper range for optimum fertilizer efficiency and good growth of your crops. Did you know that too low a soil pH will cause aluminum toxicity and actually cause corn to die or severely limit your corn crop yield? Knowing what type of lime to apply- Calcitic or Dolomitic is important to avoid crop disorders such as Blossom End Rot from Calcium deficiency or discoloration of greens due to Magnesium deficiencies.

A soil sample report will also show the relative levels of important Macro and Micro nutrients to help your Plant Food Company Representative develop your proper fertility program for optimum yield and quality.

Your Plant Food Company Representative can instruct you in the proper soil sampling procedure or even perform the sampling for you.

Tissue Sampling

As your crop grows, Tissue Sampling can be an important tool to ensure your crop has all the nutrients in the proper ratios and amounts to reach its highest potential. A composite sample of the correct leaves and the right growth stage will provide this essential information. Your Plant Food Representative can provide this important service to help fine tune your fertility program.

  • Plant Food Company can custom blend the proper fertilizer based upon your test results and can supply all of the essential micronutrients needed for your crop.